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Furniture For All Places Of Worship.

Over the years we have built beautiful furniture for many places of worship. With a detailed knowledge of culture specific requirements we have been involved in projects  across the country. Specialising in Synagouges we have been asked to make Arks, reading desks, lecturns and bookcases as well as unique pieces that would be impossible to buy off the shelf.

Oak is the obvious choice for ecumenical furniture but we have also used maple, walnut and birch ply extensively.

Bimah in Belmont
Mechitzah in Shenley
Tree of Life Shenley
Bookcases in Gatley
Mobikle Ark for Yom Tov
Bookcases Belmont
Ark and bookcase in Hendon
Ark in London
Walnut bookcases Hnedon
Oak units London
Oak bookcases London
Synagogues: Gallery
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